6-Day Mount Toubkal Circuit Trek: From Imlil to the Summit and Back

Embark on a 6-day trek around Mount Toubkal, experiencing the diverse landscapes of the High Atlas. This trek offers a blend of challenging ascents, scenic passes, and cultural insights into the Berber way of life.

Toubkal Circuit Trek

This comprehensive 6-day journey takes you through the heart of the High Atlas Mountains, culminating in the ascent of Mount Toubkal, North Africa's highest peak. Starting from Imlil, trek through traditional Berber villages, cross high mountain passes like Tizi Likemt and Tizi n'Ouanoums, and camp beside the tranquil Ifni Lake. Experience diverse terrains, from lush valleys to rocky scree slopes, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and cultural richness of Morocco's most famous mountain range.

  • Rural Berber Life: Immerse yourself in the culture and hospitality of the Berber people in Amsourzerte village.
  • Ifni Lake: Relax by the serene, high-altitude lake, a unique feature in the Atlas Mountains.
  • Mount Toubkal Summit: Achieve the highlight of the trek by reaching the summit of North Africa’s highest peak, with spectacular views extending to the Sahara Desert.


Breakfast: 5
Lunch: 6
Dinner: 5


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Toubkal Refuge & Comping & Berber Houses




Day 1: Marrakech to Imlil, then Tacheddirt

The adventure begins with a morning pick-up from Marrakech, heading towards Imlil via the picturesque Asni valley. In Imlil, meet your guide and muleteers, and start the trek. The path initially climbs out of the Imlil valley to Tizi n Mzik pass, offering expansive views. You'll descend into the stunning Azzadene valley, adorned with vibrant colors, and pass by the charming village of Ouanesekra. The day concludes at Tacheddirt, where you'll camp by the river, immersing in nature’s tranquility.

Day 2: Tacheddirt to Azib Likemt via Tizi Likemt

The second day is challenging, ascending to Tizi Likemt pass. This strenuous climb rewards with panoramic views of Toubkal and its surrounding peaks. The descent takes you to Azib Likemt for camping. This day offers a mix of rigorous trekking and awe-inspiring scenery, a true test of endurance and spirit.

Day 3: Azib Likemt to Amsourzerte via Tizi n' Ououraine

A relatively easier trek compared to the previous day, the path leads through diverse landscapes to Tizi n’Ououraine pass, with more stunning views of Toubkal. You'll then descend to the beautiful village of Amsourzerte, where you'll spend the night in a village gite, experiencing the warm hospitality of the Berber people.

Day 4: Amsourzerte to Ifni Lake

Leaving Amsourzerte, the trek heads towards Ifni Lake, the only lake in the High Atlas. The journey passes through small villages, revealing the rural life of the Atlas. Spend the afternoon relaxing by the serene lake, surrounded by high mountains.

Day 5: Ifni Lake to Nelter Hut

Prepare for a tough climb up a steep path to Tizi n'Ouanoums pass, followed by a zigzag descent to Nelter Hut, where you'll either stay in the hut or camp nearby. This day is physically demanding but brings you closer to the final goal – the summit of Toubkal.

Day 6: Nelter Hut to Toubkal Summit, then back to Marrakech

An early start for the ascent to Toubkal, the trek’s climax. The challenging climb is rewarded with unparalleled views from the summit. Descend back to the hut for lunch, then trek down to Imlil. From Imlil, you'll be driven back to Marrakech, arriving in the early evening.

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