November on Mount Toubkal marks the steady march towards winter, with climbers facing colder temperatures and the prospect of early snowfall. The weather data from November 2023 provides valuable insights for trekkers preparing for the mountain's late-autumn moods.

Temperature Trends

Throughout the month, daytime temperatures on Mount Toubkal varied, with the warmest days reaching up to about 10 degrees Celsius, offering a last taste of milder air. However, as the days shortened, temperatures started to fall, with the colder days barely rising above freezing, peaking at around 0 degrees Celsius. Nighttime temperatures dipped further, with the coldest nights reaching lows of around -10 degrees Celsius, while the more temperate evenings saw temperatures closer to -5 degrees Celsius.

Precipitation and Pre-Winter Conditions

Precipitation in November 2023 was relatively low, with rainfall occurring sporadically and the highest precipitation in a single day recorded at approximately 2 mm. This indicates that while significant snowfall may not yet have been a regular occurrence, the conditions for its onset were certainly building.

Wind Patterns

The wind speeds in November 2023 showed fluctuation, with some days experiencing light breezes and others seeing gusts that surpassed 20 km/h. These gusts would have brought a biting chill, making it essential for climbers to have windproof clothing and to secure any loose gear.

Climbers who visited Mount Toubkal in November 2023 faced the onset of winter conditions. With the highest daytime temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius and the nighttime lows reaching down to -10 degrees Celsius, the mountain demanded respect for its evolving winter environment. The data from this month is a crucial guide for preparing climbers to face the cold, potential snow, and biting winds that characterize Toubkal's November weather.