February in Marrakech is a month where the chill of winter begins to mellow and the first hints of spring can be felt in the air. If you're considering a trip to this historic city, understanding the Marrakech weather in February is key to packing right and planning your itinerary.

Temperature Fluctuations

The weather data for Marrakech in February shows a moderate climate with average temperatures ranging from a low of around 8°C (46°F) to a high of 20°C (68°F). These temperatures provide a cool yet comfortable atmosphere, perfect for sightseeing and enjoying the city's outdoor cafes.

Rainfall Patterns

February can bring more rainfall to Marrakech than the drier month of January. The precipitation charts indicate several days of rainfall throughout the month, with the quantity ranging from light showers to more significant downpours. The total precipitation observed during this period tends to average around 25 mm, so it's a good idea to pack a waterproof jacket or an umbrella for those rainy days.

Sunshine and Cloud Coverage

Despite the occasional rain, Marrakech in February enjoys a good deal of sunshine, with sunnier days towards the end of the month. The average cloud cover varies, but you can expect several days with clear or partly cloudy skies, providing ample opportunity to explore the vibrant streets and markets of Marrakech.

Relative Humidity

The relative humidity in February can occasionally reach as high as 80%, although it generally stays at a comfortable level. The evenings can feel cooler, so bringing layers that you can add or remove as needed is advisable.

Planning Your Visit

When visiting Marrakech in February, it's best to prepare for a range of weather conditions. Daytime is usually warm enough for light clothing, while evenings may require an extra layer. If you're venturing out into the desert or planning to hike in the nearby Atlas Mountains, additional warm clothing will be necessary due to cooler temperatures, especially at night.

Marrakech weather in February is marked by its cool to mild temperatures, a mix of sunny and rainy days, and an overall pleasant climate that's conducive to exploring all that this magical city has to offer. Whether you're wandering through the ancient Medina, enjoying the city's lush gardens, or sipping mint tea on a terrace, the weather in February is generally mild, making it an excellent time to visit Marrakech.