2 Day Toubkal Ascent

This 2 Days Toubkal Trek to the summit is challenging, but it requires no mountaineering experience.

Trek Overview

On our 2 day Toubkal trek we will make a steady ascent out of Imlil Valley towards Mount Toubkal. On route we will pass the shrine of Sidi Chamarouch. Then it’s onwards and upwards to the Toubkal Refuge for the night before making the ascent the following morning.

  • Climb Toubkal peak
  • Stay at the Toubkal Refuge (base camp)
  • Visit local Berber village Imlil


Breakfast: 4
Lunch: 2
Dinner: 2


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Toubkal Refuge



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Day One: Marrakech-Imlil - refuge ( Base camp)

After a transfer to the little village of Imlil we begin our trek. Heading along the Mizane Valley, we first pass the village of Aremd and then onto the shrine of Sidi Chamarouch. We then continue east and by crossing the flood plains our route takes us along mule tracks and up into the high rocky cliffs above the valley. Crossing the river we eventually come to the pastoral shrine of Sidi Chamarouch, which attracts tourists and pilgrims. From here the trail continues to climb steadily, snaking and zigzagging its way up to the snowline and the Toukbal Refuge (3206m), our stop for the night.

Day Two: Toubkal Refuge (base camp) - Toubkal peak - Imlil

Early in the morning we make our attempt on the summit of Jebel Toukbal, the highest peak in Northern Africa. Our route takes us up the south cirque, crossing the stream above the refuge. The walking is relatively straightforward, but the scree and the altitude will make the going quite difficult in parts. The views along the way make the journey more than worthwhile. When you reach the the summit you will see that the vistas across the surrounding landscape are quite breathtaking. From here there are unrestricted views in every direction, from the Marrakesh Plain to the High Atlas in the north and as far south as the Anti-Atlas and the Sahara. We will retrace our steps when we return down the mountain and head back towards Imlil.


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